We built our dream professional photo and video studio in San Francisco

A production studio in the middle of San Francisco that has it all, various sets, gear and just the right aesthetic.

We built our dream professional photo and video studio in San Francisco

4 of our 5 set builds in our studio

A walk through of our new photo and video studio in the heart of San Francisco 

Since we started our video journey in 2018 it has always been a dream to own and operate our very own studio. While this dream seemed to be really far away at the time, it took a few years solidify but became reality just a few weeks ago. Let us run you through what we have created for our clients, the Bay Area filmmaking community and other production or creative agencies. 

A picture during setup for our opening event in November 2022.

The official STMNT Studios studio space

Our almost 3000 square feet studio space was meant to offer more than just a cyclorama (infinity wall), like most photo studios offer. The pain of moving sets from one location to another and rather stale space environments got us thinking. Our studio offers a variety of 5 different studio sets to shoot your interviews, headshots, portraits, narrative film, products and all other creative ideas you can come up with. Here’s a list of sets our San Francisco studio offers: 

  • Modern kitchen
  • Lounge with jungle wallpaper and retro furniture 
  • Cozy work space and hangout area
  • Bar with plant wall 
  • 12x13 Cyclorama (white infinity wall) 
  • Several colored seamless backdrops 

Modern kitchen

  • The countertops are made out of concrete and offer a fabulous texture for your product shots 
  • The kitchen counter is on casters so it is removable, in case you need a wider angle or just generally more space 
  • The base of the kitchen counter is a piece from the 1960s. We sanded and stained it to fit the vibe of the studio
  • The window cutout you see leads into another room so you can backlight your subject or green screen a blue sky into your photo or video
  • We’re not 100% finished with the kitchen just yet and will keep adding to some of the more empty corners

The kitchen works perfect for interviews, live cooking shows or product demos

Lounge with jungle wallpaper and retro furniture

This part is one of our favorite areas in the studio. Whether you want to just hang out, answer emails, drink coffee or shoot a headshot or interview, this place has you covered!

  • the moulding and wallpaper offers great texture and depth of field for your shots
  • The gold accent of the bar cart 
  • The additional lighting in the studio will help with accents in the backgroundCozy work space and hangout area

Cozy workspace and hangout area

This area was designed to give off a very home-ish feeling. A little work space with mid-century modern accents and a lot of plants in the background. This space is primarily used to get your emails done, set up hair and makeup, stage a living room situation and so on.

Bar with plant wall

Lots of plants are not just good for looks and sound of the space they also offer great texture in the background of your photos or videos. This easy setup works perfect for your headshots, interviews or product texture shots on the wooden bar top. 

12x13 Cyclorama

This is the part that makes our space an actual production studio. The “must have” photo studio accessory. While there are a lot of other production spaces in the Bay Area with infinity walls, there are non that offer multiple sets including a big white wall. We have 2 Amaran F22C RGB lights installed to light the curved wall evenly and give you the flexibility of playing with colors and accents. 

Several colored seamless backdrops 

Our studio space features a variety of different seamless paper and painted canvas backdrops for your convenience. The list updates frequently so please contact us if you are looking for a specify color. So far, we have the following available: 

  • Green, seamless paper (9x12)
  • Yellow, seamless paper (9x12)
  • Gray, seamless paper (9x12)
  • Black, seamless paper (9x12)
  • Dark Blue, painted canvas (9x12)
  • White, seamless paper (5x7)
  • Egg nog, seamless paper (5x7)
  • Light blue, seamless paper (5x7)
  • Green, seamless paper (5x7)

There are more details to be revealed and we're not stopping to add more accessories to benefit our photography and videography colleagues. Please let us know if you have any questions or if you are interested in a booking. We would love to host you. 

If you are ready to book, click the link HERE


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