How to create oddly satisfying texture videos for your skincare/beauty brand

Diversify your beauty brand and stand out from your competitors by adding close-up texture moments of your product to your social channels.

Diversify your the content for your beauty company and dive into texture videos that are truly unique and set your brand apart from the competition

You or a colleague have probably already thought about one or more of the questions below:

  • How do I make my social channel more attractive?
  • How can I better engage my followers/viewers?
  • What are my options for creating more diverse content?
  • How do I stand out from other beauty brands?
  • Etc.

While there’s no answer that fits all or no Swiss army knife solution, we have one pro tip for you. DIVERSIFY!

Diversifying your content gives your audience the chance to engage in fresh and engaging content. Social media has been around for quite a few years, and repetitiveness scrolling through your feed has become a pet peeve.

To diversify your beauty brand, one idea is to showcase close-up texture moments of your product. We’re talking juicy, oddly satisfying, sensual, and something so provocative you simply can’t tear your eyes away.

Most moisturizers, eye gels, cleansers, oils, or serums have a great texture or color, so why not showcase that beauty? Think of an idea on how to put those characteristics to work. Maybe you just want to get a super close-up macro shot of your moisturizer squeezing out of the tube or use your spatula to show the texture of your lip balm. Make sure your surroundings, such as background and props, complement the style of your brand and product.

If you need help storyboarding and producing content for your product, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. The LP team would be happy to assist you.


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