How to create a stunning, captivating, and informative brand explainer video

Produce an impressive brand explainer video for your company that is guaranteed to amaze your customers by following the tips and tricks of this blog post.

The queen of all content, the headliner of all websites — this is the first video any marketer, agency, or friend who doesn’t even know what business you’re running is recommending that you produce.

Here are some tips and tricks (in short) on how to create a great story so people watching your brand video will understand what your company offers in 2 minutes or less.

#1: Come up with an idea and follow through

Is this supposed to be a talking heads video? Are you trying to be funny, witty, edgy, or somehow extravagant with your delivery? A great deal depends on your budget. If that isn’t an issue, we certainly recommend going all out.

One of our favorite brand videos is made by Hubspot. Please feel free to watch HERE.

Creativity has no boundaries if you have a humongous budget and can hire professional actors, book a fabulous location, work with an outstanding creative team, and on top of everything, produce the video with a professional production company.

While not everyone has a budget like this, a talking heads explainer might be more inexpensive and less time-consuming to create. Below is an example of a talking heads video we created with some additional footage provided by the client.

#2: Storyboard EVERYTHING!

Nothing is worse than going on set with only a few ideas in mind. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll forget about one or more shots.

If you work with a full-service production team like us, *wink*, a storyboard is standard and can be as detailed as the picture below where we showcase frame-by-frame what’s happening in each scene.

#3: A good crew is worth a million $$$

If you outsource the production of the video, needless to say, the better the crew, the better the outcome. Make sure you connect with the people you work with on a personal level so the shoot days will be a blast. It will show in the final video, promise!

#4: Invest in a good editor, colorist, and audio engineer

The post-production process might seem easy or pretty straightforward to you, but there‘s actually quite a bit of expertise required to do it professionally. The editor generally takes care of the flow of the video and aligns the frames footage according to the storyboard and script as well as paces the shots to fit the music. What’s often overlooked is the coloring and audio in a video. When it comes to audio, we absolutely recommend working with a professional to harmonize all sound effects, music, talking heads, or voiceovers with each other.

#5: Take your time revising the project

Most editors or production companies only allow two rounds of revisions. The first round is the most important when editing words that didn’t come across as intended or footage that no longer fits the agenda. Everything can be discussed, so take your time and make sure you address everything needed. If more team members participate in the revision process, ensure you consolidate your feedback.

If you’re interested in producing your own brand explainer video, we’d love to hear what you have in mind and chat. Reaching out can’t hurt, right?


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