How to build the perfect zoom studio for your meetings

Reinvent the look of your zoom meetings, interviews, podcasts and more.

You can create your own professional looking studio / zoom or google meet background on a budget

Have you or one of your colleagues considered diversifying your social media plan and adding more daily content? Needless to say, this is a valid idea in today’s world, but it also presents the question of where do I shoot? What do I record? How much budget do we need to make this happen? 

We had the same conversation and got tired of renting places that didn’t fit our budget and organizing shoots that required multiple people. 

Here’s how we built a media room that supports filming interviews, recording podcasts, and photoshoots, and also serves as a great backdrop for your zoom calls. 

The space we utilized used to be a conference room with no windows, weird wall colors, and bright fluorescent lights that gave you that, “I’m in the doctor’s office” vibe. No windows are a plus if you work with audio and want to control the lighting but can be a negative regarding airflow. Nevertheless, we thought it was a great way to start. 

First, we put up the backdrop, which we decided to use shiplap for. This was roughly $300 at Home Depot and comes in various colors if you want to try this. One of our friends had a miter saw that we used to cut the wood, significantly speeding up the process. 

Once the backdrop was up, we made sure that the room had no reverb or echo and soundproofed it as much as possible. We also ordered some acoustic foam panels from Amazon to ensure any recorded audio would sound explicit. After doing some research, I recommend using the 2”, but if you want to save money, the 1” foam also works. 

Once the foam panels were up, the studio was already starting to look how we wanted. What was missing was good ambient and cinematic lighting, though so first things first, we removed the fluorescent tubes from the ceiling. 

This is the gear we put in the room: 

After we added a little desk, we turned the lights on, and the room was complete. It serves us as a full media suite and is used for a variety of different situations for all our neighbors in San Francisco. Below are just a few examples of what people have booked this room for: 

  • Business interviews
  • Important meetings 
  • TikTok’s
  • Podcast recording
  • Music recording 
  • Panel interviews 
  • Boudoir photoshoots 
  • Headshots 
  • Filming interviews for a documentary

We hope this helps you on your way to building your own media suite, even if it’s just a small one like ours. It will help push your content production to the next level and save money on the way.

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions. We’d be more than happy to help. 

Your LP Team

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