Create a FPV drone video for your business in the San Francisco Bay Area

How FPV drone videos can do wonders for your business

Creating FPV drone video for your business in the San Francisco Bay Area makes you look unique

A drone fly-through experience will give your audience a better understanding of your venue

We have all seen how extraordinary and visually appealing a drone makes things look. Especially the wild indoor fly through experiences with crazy turns, maneuvers and tight passages the unmanned aircraft is able to squeeze through. We’re here to tell you more about the newly and very popular FPV drone experience that can make your brand stand out and give your audience a view behind the curtain of where you do business.

First, where can you use an FPV drone? 

  • Music venues 
  • Sports venues 
  • Corporate office
  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Music festivals 
  • Warehouses 
  • And basically any other spot that has something visually interesting to offer

A FPV drone shot of Outside Lands Festival in San Francisco Golden Gate Park.

Now, what does FPV mean? 

FPV stands for First Person View and is pretty much the same as strapping a GoPro to your head and walking around. You view what the drone sees. Originally used for drone racing, a few years ago it gained popularity due to its unique flying maneuvers and talented operators that have created a big buzz on social media. The drones reach speed up to 150mph and are perfectly controllable due to extremely experienced pilots and technology in googles and high speed transmission rates.

Many businesses all over the world have discovered that the uniqueness of an FPV fly through of a venue is beneficial to their brand. Here are a few ways to integrate a FPV drone experience for your business in the San Francisco Bay Area: 

  • create a full fly through of your venue in a 1-2 minute video 
  • Integrate it into your brand video and give viewers the chance to see a stunning and unique angle of your office
  • Create social advertisements for your music festival or outdoor event showing the vastness or popularity of your event in attendance numbers 
The drone operator and his goggles.

What do I need to book a fly through of my venue in San Francisco?

Not a whole lot, to be honest! Ideally, we’d love to see some picture of your location so we can think about a flight path before we start flying. In some cases we would come by and scope out the location to come up with the most creative way of flying the drone through your building. 

Who edits the video once we finished filming?

You can book the full package with us and we provide you everything from the fly through all the way to the edited video including video and text overlays or animations. Please touch base with us so we can make sure to serve your needs best. 

How much does an FPV drone fly-through cost in San Francisco? 

That highly depends on how big your venue is and how much post-production there is necessary. On average though, a 90 second video runs for roughly $4500 including editing, music, text overlays and logo animation. 

I’m sure that you have more questions about the topic itself but we hope this gives you a good insight of what a drone fly through can do for your business. If you’re interested in creating a first person view video for your business, we’d love to hear from you! 

Book a free FPV consultation with us here.

See you next time.


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