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We help you harness visual storytelling to magnify your brand, captivate your audience, and create measurable impact. Our relationship-based approach takes the stress out of investing in video assets–while setting you up for success at the same time.

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Investing in video assets can be laborious, time-consuming, and sometimes even intimidating. We help relieve this tension by building authentic, trust-based relationships with our clients and maintaining wide-open lines of communication. As a result, the whole process becomes more effortless and effective–and even fun. Imagine that!

Our videos work

Fact: Your team wouldn’t be investing in video assets unless they expected a return on that investment. Our strong sales background gives us a crystal-clear understanding of what it takes to help your company achieve real results with video. We bring this strategic sophistication to every single project–including yours.

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“Lukas and his team are INCREDIBLE and I will choose them for ALL future projects again and again (and again). Not only is he extremely professional, knowledgeable, and talented - he is friendly, kind, and fun to work with too. Lukas was able to understand our brand and our vision for the project after just a few conversations to seamlessly and effortlessly deliver our series of videos that beyond exceeded our original expectations. Lukas and his team made the post-production process as seamless, stress-free, and efficient as can be.”

Kimberly DeFors, Creative Director

“Lukas was awesome! Very friendly, professional, easy to work with. And his work is amazing! He filmed and edited several videos for our company and did an incredible job. We will definitely use Lukas again in the future!”

Alex Hariz, Director

"Lukas and team were great to work with. They took the challenging brief and ran with it... really caring about the end product and infusing flexibility when unpredictable changes happened."

Lisa Colella, Brand Strategist

“The team at STMNT Studios took outstanding care of us providing the best service to our company imaginable. Correspondence was quick and efficient and left nothing to be desired. STMNT was able to meet our creative criteria right off the bat, understood our brand and marketing identity and worked tightly with our marketing team to create the assets needed. We have completed many other projects with them ever since our first campaign and can highly recommend others to start collaborating with STMNT.”

Jan Eisen, CEO

"Lukas and his crew are super professional and just a delight to work with. The quality of work speaks for itself and the outstanding customer service sets them apart from everyone else! I wouldn't hesitate to work with Lukas again!"

Jo'el Rivera, Account Executive

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